AVOD means a video based on the request for advertising on request. AVOD is a free platform that focuses mainly on the acquisition of a larger audience base. Viewers can watch videos on this platform without paying money, but users must sit through advertisements between the main video content. Advertisements are placed at the beginning, in the middle, or end of the video.

Platform owners or content creators earn advertising money such as commercial videos, banners, and sponsored items, and more. AVOD is similar to the classic satellite television network model where people are watching advertisements between the main video content. Advertising on television maybe a minute long while at AVOD is only a few seconds.

Traditional television is in decline and OTT is the future of video that many people jump from traditional television to video visualization online. It should be noted that Avoid has captured a large part of the video streaming video market slot gacor gampang menang. Statistics indicate that the video of advertising on request (AVOD) always constitutes 50% of people who monitor online videos.

More companies, especially the entertainment and media sector, have monetized video content based on AVOD. Aven’s expenses in the United States are defined to increase in the next few years and reach about $ 25 billion. Here is the list of benefits of using video on request

Advantages of video based on an announcement request (AVOD)

Generates more income

Video content monetization via online advertising generates more revenue. Online advertising expenditures by a company or business continues to rise. Content advertising revenues will continue to increase by more than $ 50 billion. A company that involves AD-based video monetization should earn great. A company that uses the video as a marketing tool tends to increase by 50% faster compared to that which does not use it.

Based Video On Demand AVOD

Reach more people

As mentioned earlier, more than 50% of people viewing online prefer advertising video platforms. It is essential to take into account half of the online visualization public. There is a side effect of subscription fatigue that prevents many users from subscribing to the platform. Many video creators have moved towards view and monetization based on AD. AVOD is a free platform allows everyone to try. More views You get on video ads, the more you can generate income. To reach a larger amount of people, more money can be generated for more advertisements.

Reaches each device

Another advantage of using a platform based on an ad, it reaches each device. Most of them watch videos online via mobile devices. People in the younger generation are less likely to pay the video to watch online. Using an ad-based platform will help you get a wider range because more people prefer to watch free online content using mobiles.

Can start using it instantly because it is a free platform

Users do not need to pay money because they can start watching videos online slot deposit pulsa once they have registered. The user must sit through video ads between the main content for a few seconds. Displaying custom ads Make sure the viewers spend more time watching videos online.

Simpler income model

Creators and advertising companies Share revenue (6: 4 0R 7: 3) Based on the number of ads visualized or clicked on .initive the auction on video ads are also very easy for creators, all these steps thus facilitate The income model process.

Different types of ad models

A video announcement can be different lengths, maybe between 5 seconds at 1 minute. The ads that are played before the start of the video content is called pre-roll ads. The ads that are played halfway through the main content are called media ads. An ad that is played after the video ends are known as a post-roll ad. This gives the flexibility to the video creator to place an ad on any position keeping in mind that the visualization experience is not affected.

Personalized ads

AVOD allows users to access the video and simultaneously display advertising video that is relevant and customized to the particular public. With AVOD, you can s